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The Pitfalls of Underinsurance – Building

HOME INSURANCE PITFALLS Your home is likely to be your largest investment you have made and somewhere you are loved, respected, and cared for… Your happy place. When you look at it from the outside, home is just a house, a building.  But on the inside, it is a lot more than brick and tile. …

Top ten reasons why motor claims are rejected

FIA recently posted this informative article “Top ten reasons why motor claims are rejected” by Christelle Colman, Managing director of Elite Risk Acceptance. We encourage motor owners to make sometime to read this article, which may help them avoid this situation. For any queries or concerns we encourage you to contact our offices. Click here …

2019 Newsletter

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Lightning Protection for Thatch Structures

HVRI (High-Voltage-Resistant-Insulation) technology makes it possible to install lightning masts directly onto thatch structures. Click here to view the video regarding this system. Click here to download the White Paper pdf. For more information contact Lightning Protection Concepts.

Load Shedding Tips from Old Mutual Insure

8 Ways to minimise damage or risks from load shedding 1. Unplug appliances: It is always a good idea to unplug appliances, or any other electronic devices, when the electricity goes out as these devices are vulnerable to power surges. These appliances, which include cell phones and computer equipment, can be badly damaged when the power …

2018 Newsletter

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Vat Increase

The Minster of Finance delivered the Budget Speech in Parliament on 21 February 2018. It was announced that the new VAT rate would increase from 14% to 15%, your Short Term Insurance Policy is subject to VAT and therefore the increase in VAT will result in price/premium adjustments effective 1 April 2018.