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Guidelines to Financial Planning Financial planning can be described as the process of meeting a client's life goals through the proper management of their finances. Life goals can include buying a home, saving for children's education o

Investment Vehicles Savings versus Investments When you establish a savings plan, it is important to recognise the difference between savings and investments. The savings account provides a fund that is available to meet short-term needs or to

Tax Changes 1. The full retirement value of a Pension or Retirement Annuity may be commuted as a lump sum where the retirement value is R75 000 or less, amendments to the definitions of pension fund and retirement annuity fund in section 1 of the

A cash flow statement is critical to understand a client's financial circumstances. Budgeting takes the process one step further in that the client decides how much money can be spent on certain expenses. The actual expenses are measured agai

A company has to consider the following question concerning employee benefits What opportunities are there to promote employee loyalty to attract high-quality staff, to provide financial incentives and to enjoy tax   concessions?

E XC L U S I V I T Y A brainchild of a group of eight dentists, PPS was founded as the Professional Provident Society of South Africa on 8 July 1941.This group of pioneers was aware that the professional person�s assets are his knowle

Planning a Last Will and Testament It is general practice to prepare a will at the legal age of 18, although a person aged 16 or older could also do so legally. It should be realized that once you are married your position will constant

Real solutions to your healthcare needs!! Helping you choose the right cover for your medical needs and cost � As an accredited healthcare brokerage, we ensure that our service and benefits always keep track of our

As a consequence of the uncertainty of modern living, insurance forms a vital activity in which everyone needs to partake in, in order to ensure the safety and protection of their material possessions and their loved ones. There are various option

Next to your house, your car is probably your biggest and most expensive asset – and having reliable short term insurance will give you the financial protection and peace of mind you need. The question is: what type of car insurance is right fo

You can't place a value on sentimental goods but it's easy to underestimate the value of your house contents. We know that in the unfortunate event that something goes wrong, it could cost you dearly. We can offer you house contents cover to

Whether it is a home or flat that you let out, a holiday apartment you escape to during the year or the house you call your home, every building you own needs to be properly insured to protect you from the financial consequences of disasters such as

When your livelihood is at stake, you don't want to take chances. Should the unforeseen happen, you want to know that you're absolutely covered, that a piece of machinery, hardware, vehicle or whatever's imperative to your business is rep

The purchase of a Pleasure Craft is often a dream come true! However this dream may turn out to a nightmare as a result of an accident. The unexpected can happen whether your pleasure craft is out to sea or at wharf: loss, theft, damage or the unf

The basic steps required to comprehensively insure an aircraft include the provision of: Hull All Risks cover, or physical damage to the body of the aircraft resulting from accident Hull War cover, or physical damage to the body of the aircra

Few farmers expect to suffer a major misfortune – but accidents do happen. Farms, like any business, need adequate insurance with a company that understands your farm business.  The right insurance cover is important to any business, but e

Owning a tourism business can expose you to various risks you may not even have thought of, any one of which can ruin your business. It's therefore important to know what the relevant risks are and how you can cover yourself against them. G

We can offer you a comprehensive range of Engineering Insurance Products such as: Contractors All Risks: From inception of construction work, construction sites face an array of perils that could cost the contractor and all those involved both