4 Logan Road, 035 7722810

Central Business District
South Africa

Contact Us:
Tinus van Wyk
Tel no: 035 7722810
Fax no:035 7722817
Certified Senior Financial Planner
Name: Tinus van Wyk
Mobile no: 0832535099
Tel no: 0357722810

Junior Financial Planner / Personal Assistant to Tinus van Wyk
Name: Verona de Villiers
Mobile no: 0834607607
Tel no: 035 7722810

Junior Financial Planner Under Supervision
Name: Tiaan van Wyk
Mobile no: 0786229731
Tel no: 0357722810

Short Term Insurance Broker
Name: Louise Miller
Mobile no: 0845115010
Tel no: 035 7722810

Underwriting Clerk - Personal & Commercial Insurance
Name: Nadine Platt
Tel no: 035 7722810

Administration Consultant - Personal & Commercial Insurance
Name: Alex Coetzer
Tel no: 035 7722810

Claims Clerk
Name: Angie Farr
Tel no: 035 7722810

Trading Hours:

Mondays to Thursday from 08h00 - 16h30

Fridays from 08h00 - 16h00

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